Welcome to BosYogi!


Yoga is a practice founded on principles that promote unity and love. Guided by our intentions, we grow, and strengthen our personal practice. This process is greater than us, where cultural background, social class, economical standards are nonexistent. We’re stripped to the very root of ourselves and bloom over time as we nurture and care through self love.


We must focus on aligning ourselves, to become better people (peaceful & kind), and to grow mentally and physically. My goals as an instructor are to work with clients of all walks of life and to represent the gift of diversity within this practice.

I was recently listed as a wellness leader, among many others, in connection with theย Safe Space initiative.ย I am passionate about helping students live their healthiest lives and making mind/body connections in their practice.

Please fill out the contact form above to learn about private sessions, parties, and income based classes that support the goal of making this life changing practice accessible for all.

Yoga is for everyone.