Boston Women’s Market!

The Boston Women’s Market took place September 17th, 2017 and brought 30 female vendors to Jamaica Plain! It was inspiring to see so many women showcasing their work and supporting one another.

I taught 5 minute flows throughout the day and helped new clients invest in their health. Most of them were new to the practice and I look forward to helping them to make mind/body connections.

Please support local and female owned businesses + look out for the next Boston Women’s Market Spring 2018!




Believe In Your Power


Life’s journey has a funny way of teaching lessons. The ups and downs truly shape who you ultimately become. We seldom have control over trying situations we face but we do have control over how we respond and the lengths we allow them to affect us. Trust the power within yourself.

Living a healthier life after relying on unhealthy habits can be trying. The benefits will be worth it. Your mind and body will thank you for believing in yourself.


  1. You are still alive. The saying what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger is widely known and respected for good reason.
  2. You have overcome obstacles before. Believe you will overcome again. Think about past struggles. Think about how you may have thought you wouldn’t make it through.
  3. Never give up. You are no quitter. Trust your power and keep trying.ย Holding on is hard. Letting go is sometimes necessary.
  4. Cry. Never allow yourself to feel that crying is a weakness.
  5. Take care of yourself. Stay hydrated. Eat well. Sleep More. Eat the occasional darn piece of chocolate. It won’t kill you.
  6. Laugh.
  7. Meditate and reflect on your intentions.
  8. Show your gratitude. Journal. Thank someone.
  9. Focus on your practice. Get your blood flowing, endorphins flying, and rejuvenate.
  10. Forgive. Don’t be so hard on yourself or anyone else. Harnessing negative energy isn’t worth it. Ever.

I believe in you.